The CryoPrize

The Organ Preservation Prize, “The CryoPrize”, is a grassroots initiative to help people get the life-saving treatment they need. Our goal is to encourage and reward the critical research needed to eliminate the current obstacles to successful organ transplants.

Cryobiology, the science of preserving tissues and organs at ultra-low temperatures, can provide the solution. An organ successfully preserved by cryogenic means would remain viable indefinitely, eliminating the challenges of transport and distance. Permanent organ banks could be established, much the same as the blood banks hospitals rely on today.

The Goal

The goal of the CryoPrize is to award a minimum of fifty thousand dollars to any individual or group that is able to place one of several mammalian organs at cryogenic temperatures, transplant the organ into a mammalian animal for a period of at least nine months, and show, during that time period, proper clinical function of the organ. The organs in question are the heart, lung, liver, and pancreas.

Regarding animal testing: there are plenty of animals who have medical conditions that could be helped with a transplant which is generally not done in our world given the cost. We really hope that the animal tests that we are promoting are done on animals in need. It is true that in a sick animal there might be other things in the mix, but there are animals with bad kidneys, for example, who are otherwise healthy. This could give them a chance while at the same time promoting science. Barney Clark of the animal world!

The prize is sponsored by The Immortalist Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to longevity research and outreach. But we need your help to fund this initiative. Please donate today, in any amount, and help us save lives.

Corporate Pledges

Encourage your business to join the CryoPrize initiative by becoming a corporate pledge! By making a corporate pledge, your business gains valuable exposure on the dedicated CryoPrize page of our website, reaching a targeted audience interested in pioneering advancements in cryonics. What sets this opportunity apart is that there's no cost to your company unless the CryoPrize is claimed.

Join the collaborative effort to propel cryonics research forward and enhance your company's reputation as a forward-thinking and socially responsible entity in the process. Don't miss out on the chance to be part of this exciting journey!

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