Remind our Senators and Representatives that this is important research and cannot wait!

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The Background

We need each other to help make organ transplants safer, less costly, and more available!

The CryoPrize is focused on encouraging small labs to research organ vitrification for organ transplant purposes. Small labs have made huge strides in many endeavors. Yet large labs should not be forgotten! Over five years ago Congress appropriated $71 million to go to 4 large laboratories to research vitrification of organs for organ transplant and organ banking. This funding has not been renewed. It is up to us to remind our Senators and Representatives in Congress that this is important research and cannot wait!

The Importance

Our Founder, Joseph Kowalsky, worked on Capitol hill and can tell you firsthand that few people contact their representatives in Congress and those who do have an out-sized impact! That means that there is ongoing importance in contacting our Senators, Representatives, and the President. When Mr. Kowalsky worked for Senator Levin, he read each letter received, took note of it, and sent an appropriate (though generally form-letter) reply. INDIVIDUALLY WRITTEN LETTERS WERE GIVEN MUCH MORE CREDENCE THAN FORM LETTERS. Postcards were merely counted (based on content) and held less weight. A telephone call also had significance. A visit, even more-so.

Mr. Kowalsky does not know the protocol today, but without doubt a letter or e-mail is important — if for no other reason than to keep it on the “front burner” in our short attention-span world.


This is the letter which Mr. Kowalsky sent to his Senators and Congressperson. Please do not use verbatim but tailor to your particular situation. Form letters do not have nearly the same weight as individually written letters.

Dear (insert name),

Thank you for your hard work on our behalf!

I am writing to ask your support for further funding of research into vitrification (freezing) of organs for organ transplant and organ banking.

Over 100,000 people are on the national transplant waiting list, and 17 people die each day waiting for an organ transplant. Yet, incredibly, some 80% lungs, and, on average, 50% of other donated organs, are not used. If we could vitrify (freeze) these organs for later use, as we now do with sperm, eggs and embryos, there may no longer need to be an organ waiting list.

We have made strides in vitrifying (freezing) organs for transportation and banking — but are not there yet. Just over 5 years ago, Congress appropriated $71 million to research this and get it functional. These funds were divided among 4 large labs, through DARPA. We are very close to success and ask that further funding to be granted to get us over the hump!

I have asked people for the past decade if they know someone who has/needs an organ transplant, or if he/she knows someone who knows someone who has/needs an organ transplant. In all of that time only one person said no! This touches nearly everyone in your constituency, this country, and around the world. The amount needed is a tiny fraction of the federal budget and would help millions of people.

Thank you for taking time to consider this request and, again, thank you for your service.

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